Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mocha charm Toshiba M901

Toshiba Portege recently launched a new series of the most popular machine of SATELLITE L20 SERIES Battery is its aesthetic appearance, and mocha brown yarn pattern Mu desire it very touching, and dual-core and single configuration significantly the performance of the performance is very good .
Toshiba Portege M901 shell using three-dimensional painting techniques, the unique three-dimensional patterns of wear-resistant, non-slip and put an end to the fingerprint impression, with a Mocha colored, it reflects the noble and elegant design. Toshiba Portege M901 using 13.3 inches of LED-backlit display, a resolution of 1280 × 800, the screen frame is also equipped with a camera, to support the face recognition function. Machine weighs only about 2.1kg, the series highlights the characteristics of light entertainment.
Performance, the Toshiba Portege M901 with Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 processor, Intel PM45 chipset, 2G DDR2 memory standard, 320GB SATA hard drive and double-layer recordable DVD drive, video card is used to support the largest expansion of memory 1G The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card, in the audio-visual and image processing aspects of the performance of a comprehensive and at the same time with a hard drive protection, Toshiba Satellite m30 Series Battery is very comprehensive.
When the majority of notebooks in the form remains in the baking process, the Toshiba once again with the appearance of a unique interpretation of fashion and aesthetic integration of science and technology, this Toshiba Portege M901 working fine the whole, mainstream configuration to meet various needs of users in this price, though not as Dell and Acer to highlight cost-effective, but serious homogenization of the market, for those seeking stylish personalized users can do a unique aesthetic and performance notebook sound is the most important.

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