Monday, January 11, 2010

MSI notebook shipments this year will jump 50%

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Battery was reported by Hui Cheung, chairperson of MSI, said recently that MSI notebook shipments in 2010 compared to last year's growth rate more than 50%, one machine will also have 50-100% of the strong growth performance.

Hui Cheung said MSI notebook shipments in the first half of last year,HP Pavilion ZD8000 Battery despite the serious impact of inventory shortages, but by a strong performance in the second half of MSI is still to achieve profitability, MSI brand notebook shipments have already exceeded last year.

As can not be like level notebook makers, as in several new models will be able to achieve a significant increase in volume, MSI plans to launch more this year, notebook models in different configurations to correspond to the needs of the relevant user groups. MSI notebook with Toshiba PA3364u-1brs in the Taiwan market, shipments proportion was 4:1, which shipped last year's total 20-30 million units, Hui Cheung-one machine that the education market will have a bigger demand.

However, Hui Cheung also said panels, hard drives, memory and GPU and different components of the supply shortage will have their plans and quotations PC shipments there is the potential impact.

MSI displayed at CES, held in a 3D one machine, and plans to launch 1,000 dollar price of 3D notebook.

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