Friday, April 9, 2010

Stronger performance of new notebook Acer Timeline X

May 2009, Acer preceded its first notebook Timeline series CULV, lightweight and durable life main thin notebook market. Just this year,Acer as07b71 Battery introduced its hair pattern aluminum design of the superstructure Timeline upgrade: Aspire TimelineX laptop. TimelineX in processor operation have greatly improved, while another 8 hours of lasting battery life capacity.

Acer New TimelineX 13.3-inch notebook currently 3820TG, 14-inch and 15.6-inch 5820TG 4820TG three alternative products. TimelineX in appearance is almost the same notebook with the Timeline.Acer Aspire 1511 Battery is a little expensive, but TimelineX notebook central processors with Intel Core i Series (Core i3-350M, Core i5-430M, Core i5-520M), its performance is not generally available books CULV processor par. Processor Core i3-350M with the performance of notebooks with Core 2 Duo SU7300 twice.

Acer notebook also supports a full range of TimelineX dual artwork card switching function, and also supports third-generation Dolby surround sound,Acer BTP-39SN Battery and in the hardware configuration compared with the significant improvements Timeline notebook upgrade. If TimelineX full range of life can and Timeline notebook computer similar to the higher prices that have the value it had.

Acer notebooks are used TimelineX black brushed aluminium design of the superstructure. Design of similar appearance in three sizes. Acer notebooks in addition to TimelineX "acer" Logo, the Acer GARDA32 Battery is for the superstructure of online friends whom silk pattern effects.

The thickness of the same body weight will raise

Acer TimelineX full range of body lightest laptop in about 23 - 24 mm or so, and Timeline notebook similar to the increase in body weight, such as 13-inch 3820TG with battery weight 1.83 kg, while the older of the 3180T was 1.67 kg or so; 14-inch 4820TG with battery weight 2.11 kg, while the older of the 4810T was 1.99 kg, slightly increased body weight decreased their overall performance. Weight increased, but the rarest of the Department are in the 23 - 24 mm or so.

Power theory

Acer TimelineX on how to upgrade CPU's at the same time to preserve long-lasting life? First of all, TimelineX whole series are equipped with 6-cell lithium battery (11.1 V, 6000 mAh, 66 wh),Acer Aspire 1694 Battery and the use of a new generation of low-power cooling fan, and low-power hard drive. In addition, TimelineX notebook also features Intel iDPST screen saving technology, as well as energy-saving technologies Timeline series of PowerSmart.

Acer TimelineX full range of all main lasting 8-hour battery life. Together multiple technologies to achieve energy saving. In the default state, as long as the removal of external power supply, the system will automatically enter the PowerSmart energy-saving mode, screen brightness down as 30%,Acer Aspire 3003wlci Battery and will close the drive power. However, energy-saving mode, the user can still adjust the screen brightness or open drive. PowerSmart mode automatically turns off the drive power.

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