Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Strength of words against Y460 rival Acer 4745G Sharu I3 camp

    I3 current notebook market becomes hot, i3 notebook camp is increasingly large, the most refreshing association "little y" rob stole the show, popularity soared, the latest report is overwhelming, not to mention this "little y" things. Recently, a new i3 forcing into our vision of our group in the Group buy IT168 notebook,Acer AS07A31 Battery called the voice has no less than its "little y", that is, Acer has recently introduced a certain extent, beyond the Lenovo Y460 product - Acer 4745G, but Acer is launched for the Lenovo Y series 5741G and 4741G, 4745G lineup together. Acer seems to do a long battle in the end with the association's stance.

The Acer 4745G is also advocated i3, i5 Edition has, 4745G is the continuation of the previous style of popular products Acer products, pretty, configuration is superior, not high but well worth pursuit.

Exterior side, Acer Aspire 4745G A new gem mold, the overall look more slim and sleek slightly easier than the previous level, the overall use of aluminum-magnesium alloy to create, in the rugged, corrosion resistance and so on with outstanding performance. A plane is no longer books before the sapphire color, but black theme embedded in the gray stripes, Acer Travelmate 8205wlhi Battery has become more apparent with the low-key fashion, is also used to Acer's low-key style. 14-inch screen with LED backlight screen 16:9 golden ratio, with 1366 × 768 standard resolution, the screen above the built-in a high-definition camera, user-friendly video entertainment.

Constellation, this Acer Aspire 4745G-332G32Mn Calpella platform based design,Acer Aspire 1523 Battery using 32-nanometer technology Nehalem core architecture of the Intel Core i3-330M dual-core processor, clocked at 2.13GHz, 3M three-level cache, main chipset with Intel HM55 . Graphics cards using ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 was alone, with staggering 1GB DDR3 memory. Standard 2GB DDR3 1066MHz memory and 320GB hard drive, and support the SuperMulti double-layer burning of DVD burners. And the notebook also comes loaded with Microsoft's Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.

4745G is equipped with four freelance USB2.0, 1 个 HDMI, 1 个 RJ45, 1 个 D-SUB, a set of audio input and output interfaces and a SD / MMC / MS / xD-one card reader.


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