Tuesday, May 4, 2010

8-hour battery life Acer thin core i5 evaluation of the 1830T

Acer by the end of March launch of Timeline X Series notebooks, unique to Intel processors, of course, i series and a range of quite good. And Acer has also enclosed a 11-inch ultra-portable notebook TimelineX 1830T. Only the thinnest of its body 22 mm, low-voltage version of Intel Core i5 processors, support Turbo Boost technology, and has a capacity of 8 hours of life,Acer 60.42s16.012 Battery is a new choice to replace notebook CULV.

● With the same power upgrade

This 11.6-inch 1830T Acer notebook, now only a silver style, design and appearance is similar to before the Aspire 1810T. Consumers shines is the Acer 1830T mesh pattern with decorative cover, feel good. In addition, 1830T of the body between the thickness of between 22-28.9mm, Acer Travelmate 8210 Series Battery seems 1830 is a main take-away machine.

Slightly protruding cell body can be seen that, but does not affect the appearance.

Plastic casing, but the touch of silver mesh pattern, the design feel good.

● Acer 1830T Specifications Configuration

Configuration, Acer 1830T with Intel Core i5-520UM low voltage processors, support for Turbo Boost technology, the maximum automatically overclocked to 1.86 GHz, also supports hyper-threading (Acer AS07B71 Battery) technology, we can simulate the same quad-core computing.

Still floating keyboard design with flat

The power button on the top left corner of the metal keyboard with TimelineX other notebooks, like a good texture.

Cikuan Acer 1830T laptop processed with Intel Core i5-520UM processor, appointed with the standard 1366 x 768 resolution screen, standard 3GB DDR3 memory and a 640G hard drive, but Acer BTP-AFD1 Battery did not use discrete graphics, but powered by the Intel GMA HD undivided graphics, pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium system.


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